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قالب شرکتی تجاری mono از شرکت joomlart برای جوملا 3 پشتیبانی از چندزبانگی برای راه اندازی وبسایت های چندزبانه.طراحی شده با فریم ورک t3 framework سازگار با زبان فارسی و راست چین به همراه بسته نصبی و الحاقات.

Template Description

This November, JoomlArt presents JA Mono – the responsive Joomla template for creative business.

JA Mono is based on Unusual layout concept with monochromatic style. This is not your traditional website and Mono is dedicated for creative business, designers and startups. JA Mono is unusual because it makes great use of large-screen estate. On big devices (bigger than 1400px), the layout is split into two main blocks, when users surf through the content with builtin navigation, new content will be displayed with smooth slide-in animation. On smaller screens, its a clean and simple design, with clever typography, big images and a lot of white spaces.

The templates Projects page will help you display your organizations works your own way. Projects can be intelligently ordered or organically wild. Elements can be stamped in place, fit in an ideal spot, or dragged around. It fills empty gaps.

Mono is fully responsive and has 5 colors layouts: Default, Red, Green, Orange and Blue.

JA Mono will support RTL languages layout.

Template Features

  • Unlimited Font Types
  • Template layout is completely responsive
  • Full Documentation
  • CSS and JS compression options
  • Built-in SEO features for better seo optimization
  • Joomla T3 Framework powerful core
  • Support RTL languages layout
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • K2 Support
  • A lot of module positions

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اطلاعات قالب
تاریخ انتشار 1395-09-11
تاریخ بروز رسانی 1395-09-11
نسخه جوملا: جوملا3
نسخه قالب : 1.0.1
شرکت سازنده : joomlart
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