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قالب زیبای وبلاگی/گردشگری  (Lexicon) محصولی از شرکت (RocketTheme) برای جوملا 3.6 ،طراحی با ورک gantry 4 framework،سازگار با زبان فارسی و راست چین، پشتیبانی از فونت گوگل، دارای 8 رنگبندی متفاوت و زیبا،به همراه بسته نصبی و الحاقات قالب.

Template Description

Professional commercial template Lexicon is good to people who are fond of nature and travelling or engaged in the tourist industry. The template will be a great platform to create a stylish portfolio or blog. The developers expressed a preference for flat design and soft colors. All elements of the template are arranged to provide the visitor with the most convenient browsing. It is based on simple and nice landscapes, and the colors matched quite seamlessly, so as not to distract the reader or client from the information on the page.

The Lexicon template perfectly fits in the progressive trend of minimalism: all six proposed standard styles do not contain unnecessary elements. The variety of colors includes yellow, purple, red, green, blue and ... colors. They are perfectly combined with black and white colors which made the logo and main menu. Each color scheme includes a background image. The template settings in the admin panel make it possible to combine existing color schemes and create your. There you can configure the settings of the main menu. The choice of a normal drop down and static menus. Recent displays only the first level of the main menu in a horizontal block. The child items are displayed in the sidebar. Menu with lists, drop-down, looks simple and stylish that many will like: if you need one in the top row, you can conclude all the important information.

If you wish, a vertical link unit, but without drop-down lists will accompany the visitor to the end of the main page. There you will find an animated module that will hold an important thing from each section of the site, and slightly lower for 3-4 unit contacts, and the form of subscription to content updates. Here there is a strip, which can be used for the removal of interesting quotes.

This template Studio RocketTheme is one of the most popular in the collection of the developer. Among other templates, it is distinguished by a unique slider with a preview of the slides, exclusive icons, the ability to allocate blocks of the site with different colors, and many options for submission. Much attention is paid to developers pages, blog and portfolio. Thanks to the good optimization and the lack of a large number of animation this Joomla template will ensure smooth navigation and fast loading.

Standard styles are created on the basis of landscapes, therefore, the pattern will certainly fall in love with bloggers who write about their travels. And for websites of travel agencies it will help to attract customers. Use the Lexicon RocketTheme template to create a comfortable, memorable sites. Your visitors, customers and clients will appreciate its benefits.

Template Features:

  • The template is constantly updated to the latest versions of Joomla!.
  • The presence of PSD files for easy changes to the design template.
  • RocketLauncher package - the ability to quickly run a fully customized site as a demo.
  • Actual and secure code, the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Support compression of JavaScript and CSS to speed up website.
  • Compliance with standards W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional and W3C CSS Valid.
  • Layout template contains 89 positions for the location of the modules and 8 color suffix.
  • In the design of the theme comes with 6 original classic color schemes.
  • The ability to change the background image for the main color themes, template parameters.
  • Advanced typography for a custom design content.
  • Has support for Google fonts and RTL/LTR languages.
  • Several types of menus, Fusion-Menu, Split-Menu and Splice-Menu, with smooth animation effects.
  • Includes support for CCK component of K2 content management, and gallery RokGallery, modules RokMiniEvents, RokPad, RokStock and RokWeather, RokFeatureTable, RokSprocket, RokNavMenu and RokAjaxSearch, plugin RokBox, basket of goods RokQuickCart, RokComments, RokBooster, RokCandy and other popular extensions.
  • Demo packages with version of CMS Joomla! 3.5.

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اطلاعات قالب
تاریخ انتشار 1395-10-20
تاریخ بروز رسانی 1395-10-20
نسخه جوملا: جوملا3
نسخه قالب : 1.4.0
شرکت سازنده : RocketTheme
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