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قالب حرفی فروشگاه تکنولوژِی moderna store از شرکت virtuemart template برای جوملا 3 ،دارای 40 موقعیت نمایش ماژول کاملا ریسپانسیو.طراحی شده با کامپوننت قدرتمند فروشگاه ساز virtuemart، سازگار با زبان فارسی و راست چین ،به همراه بسته نصبی و الحاقات قالب.

Template Description

Based on this template you can create a pretty good online store, which can be placed various types of goods. From home appliances and gadgets, to complex digital devices. Good visibility of template VirtuemartTemplates Moderna Store will make it easy to place on its pages a lot of graphics and text material. A well thought out template structure presented in separate blocks, will allow you to easily organize the masses of various goods by category. The pattern can be reconfigured under the resource engaged in the sales of software or games on the Internet.

Thanks to the simple and versatile layout of the template, and the presence of a powerful built-in functions to fine tune the template you are provided with unlimited possibilities to adapt the appearance and its functionality to your needs. Key features of this template include support for lots of module positions and fonts, a built-in slider, a choice of six different styles, the presence of a fairly functional mega menu. Before us the Joomla template includes a quick start package that will allow you to quickly create an exact copy of our demo site on your website. The template supports zoom in product images, which will allow your website visitors to zoom the product images that you put up for implementation. With this addition, each buyer will be able to consider in more detail the product and to learn more about it. The template has a built-in module for writing reviews from the customers or buyers. It also supports more than 40 module positions.

Templates VirtuemartTemplates will help take your business to a whole new level. Function group display recommended products, the last product received and the possibility of creating client-side tabs, your items will be always in sight. And support functions to quickly add pages to your site to social bookmarks, make it quickly accessible and easily visited. Included with the template is a detailed step-by-step guide by which you should have no issues in the process of setting up, installation and operation.

Template Features:

  • The template is constantly updated to the latest versions of Joomla!.
  • The presence of PSD files for easy changes to the design template.
  • QuickStart package - to quickly launch a fully customized site as a demo.
  • Actual and secure code, the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Support compression of JavaScript and CSS to speed up website.
  • Compliance with standards W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional and W3C CSS Valid.
  • Template layout support 40 collapsible position for positioning modules.
  • Advanced typography for a custom design content.
  • Has support for Google fonts and RTL/LTR languages.
  • Several types of Drop Down / CSS menu, with smooth animation effects.
  • Template is equipped with 6 pre-set styles, for a basket of goods, categories and product models, as well as many other elements that provide a site, professional and unique appearance.
  • Built-in product image zoom function.
  • It includes support for e-commerce component VirtueMart 3, and other popular extensions.
  • Demo package with support version of CMS Joomla! 3.5.

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اطلاعات قالب
تاریخ انتشار 1395-09-17
تاریخ بروز رسانی 1395-09-17
نسخه جوملا: جوملا3
نسخه قالب : 3.5.1 / 3.0.17
شرکت سازنده : virtueamart templates
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