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قالب شرکتی/تجاری (chimera)محصولی از شرکت  (rockettheme) برای جوملا3،طراحی شده با ورک gantry 4، سازگار با زبان فارسی و راست چین،کاملا ریسپانسیو،قالبی حرفه ای با طراحی مدرن و ساده با امکان نمایش شبکه ای مطالب، به همراه بسته نصبی و الحاقات.

Template Description

Opening the template RocketTheme Chimera that catches the eye is the slider, which will occupy the entire top part of your monitor. All links and table of contents sections popping up at his place at the moment when the user begins to view a specific part of the page.

This Joomla template consists of several parts. At the top is a horizontal menu that POPs up after you scroll the page below the slider. In the tab "Styles" you can see the six themes for website design. Not only an administrator, but each user can use the function change the color theme of the site. In the middle of the page posted the latest creative projects, switching which appears stylish animation in the form of a spinning snail.

In the next part of the website is a widget with comments, quotes of famous people. Using this element it is always interesting to flip the pages of the website, since the information is automatically updated constantly. After this part there is a price list with prices for the performance of services.

In the footer template (the bottom), you can find contact information on owners, website developers, portfolio, section "Question-Answer", the blog and other data. In the end, in the center, placed the arrow which, when pressed, you go to the top of the page.

All RocketTheme templates are designed using the latest technologies in the sphere of design the web design. All users are provided with support during the operation templates. Use the model design from a trusted developer and you will never regret your purchase.

Template Features:

  • The template is constantly updated to the latest versions of Joomla!.
  • The presence of PSD files for easy changes to the design template.
  • RocketLauncher package - the ability to quickly run a fully customized site as a demo.
  • Actual and secure code, the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Support compression of JavaScript and CSS to speed up website.
  • Compliance with standards W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional and W3C CSS Valid.
  • Layout template contains 89 positions for the location of the modules and 8 color suffix.
  • The theme layout includes the combination of 6 gorgeous colours for your website.
  • The ability to change the background image for the main color themes, template parameters.
  • Advanced typography for a custom design content.
  • Has support for Google fonts and RTL/LTR languages.
  • Several types of menus, Fusion-Menu, Split-Menu and Splice-Menu, with smooth animation effects.
  • Includes support for CCK component of K2 content management, and RokSprocket, RokAjaxSearch, RokBooster and other popular extensions.
  • Demo package with version of CMS Joomla! 3.5.

لطفا ثبت نام کنيد اگر قبلا ثبت نام کرده ايد با مشخصات کاربري خود وارد شويد تا اجازه دانلود به شما داده شود.

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اطلاعات قالب
تاریخ انتشار 1395-10-03
تاریخ بروز رسانی
نسخه جوملا: جوملا3
نسخه قالب : 1.5.0
شرکت سازنده : RocketTheme
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